What Your Birthstone Says About You

by Hannah Will August 23, 2016


Have you ever wondered what your birthstone really says about you? How does the beautiful gemstone that represents your birth month determine some of your personality traits? What is the true meaning behind your birthstone? We don’t tend to think about how our birthstone affects our everyday life and the way that we behave, but it’s time to start thinking about it! Each gemstone has a special meaning and affects those born in that month.

Here is what your birthstone says about you:



Birthstone of January

Garnet is often referred to as the “healing stone” and has been known to bring good vibes to those suffering from certain illnesses. Those born in the month of January are very protective over their family, friends, and loved ones. Sometimes, you might find yourself being too protective over the people in your life, but in the end, your loved ones truly appreciate your loyalty and devotion.



Birthstone of February

The mesmerizing amethyst stone is often associated with peace and royalty. Those born in the month of February are said to be brave and courageous because of their birthstone. The amethyst gemstone is said to be soothing, making February babies great people to go to for advice. Their words are always comforting and you can trust their opinions. If you were born in February, there is no doubt that your friends and family come to you with their problems because you listen and give the best advice.



Birthstone of March

In ancient times, the aquamarine gemstone was said to be the treasure of mermaids. Sailors would bring this gemstone on their travels for protection. March babies are drawn to the ocean, and often find themselves longing for the sea when they venture away from the coast. Just as the stone protected sailors long ago, it continues to protect those born in March. If your birthstone is the aquamarine, you are confident and often feel invincible. Occasionally, this can be problematic for you, but you continue to find new ways to bring adventure into your life.



Birthstone of April

Those born in the month of April are almost always romantic individuals. The diamond has always been a symbol of love, whether it’s worn on a engagement ring/wedding ring or in a beautiful gift. April babies have been dreamers since day one. While their friends always wanted to be playing with toys, April babies were always happy just simply daydreaming.



Birthstone of May

This striking green stone has been worn by the wealthy members of society for centuries. Not only does the emerald symbolize prosperity and wealth, but it also symbolizes strength and dignity. May babies are determined, and they never give up on anything. They are passionate about everything they do in life. Whether is school, work, or their relationships, May babies always throw themselves into everything that they’re passionate about.



Birthstone of June

June babies are surely some of the most calm individuals that you’ll ever meet. June babies have the ability to make those who are feeling anxious or distressed feel safe, since the pearl is said to relieve stress and anxiety. It brings the same powers to those born in the month of June. Those with the pearl birthstone are naturally very nurturing people, and have great caretaking instincts. If you know someone born in the month of June, you know you can always go to them for comfort when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed.



Birthstone of July

The ruby has always been associated with the sun, and has even been given the name “King of Gems” because of it’s beauty and power. July babies are strong and driven. They seek success, but they do not expect success. They know that success is not automatic. Those with the ruby birthstone work hard for everything that they have, and believe that success has to be earned.



Birthstone of August

The gorgeous peridot gemstone is best known for it’s healing powers. They send positive vibes towards those who are sick or those who may be suffering from mental illness. Western tradition explains that the peridot also keeps away evil and prevents depression. August babies are good-natured and happy people. They always try to see the positives in each and every situation, and avoid negativity. August babies are great people to be around when you just aren’t feeling yourself. They’ll always help you get back on your feet.



Birthstone of September

The lovely sapphire gemstone comes in a variety of colors, although the most common color is a deep blue shade. Sapphires have always been associated with wisdom and dignity. Those born in the month of September are stoic and strong. They often avoid showing their emotions to the world, in fear of appearing weak. They are the protector, and always put on a brave face during hard times for the ones that they love.



Birthstone of October

The opal, a semi-precious stone, is a hydrated form of amorphous silica. The opal birthstone is associated with hope and optimism. October babies have a very positive outlook on life, and find themselves to be extremely happy most of the time. It is rare to find an October baby without a smile on their face. Those born in October are also very creative, and see the world as a beautiful masterpiece. Feeling down? Get together with your friends born in October, and their uplifting and positive attitude may just rub off on you.


Topaz and Citrine

Birthstones of November

November babies have the pleasure of being associated with TWO birthstones! The reason for this is the similarity in color of imperial topaz and citrine. The colors of the two gemstones are virtually interchangeable, making the two stones widely accepted as the birthstones of November. Topaz and citrine are often associated with great mental strength and healing on the mind. November babies are strong-willed and never give up. Their mind heals quickly after trauma, and they help those around them heal during difficult times. Difficult times call for some quality time with November babies, as they’ll help you to heal and give you strength to move forward.


Turquoise and Tanzanite

Birthstone of December

Again, another month often associated with two birthstones. Turquoise is an opaque greenish-blue stone, associated with independence and happiness. December babies are extremely independent individuals who thrive off of hard work and determination. They make their own happiness, and never choose to depend on any other individual for happiness. December babies will teach others the importance of independence and being self sufficient in life. Tanzanite, another magnificent blue gemstone, is said to strengthen the immune system. It is also said to prevent psychological disorders and keep the wearer in a peaceful state of mind.


We all love to wear the lovely stone associated with our birth month.Your birthstone meaning will tell you a lot about your personality, as the stone was chosen to represent that particular birth month for a reason. This reason being, each stone is associated with different personality traits that will affect you throughout your life. Now that you know what you birthstone says about you, you can actively notice your personality traits that line up with your birthstone meaning! Maybe it’s time that you purchase your birthstone in jewelry so you’ll always have a reminder of where many of your personality traits came from.

Hannah Will
Hannah Will


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