The JEWELv Holiday Gift Guide

by Hannah Will November 30, 2016

The holiday season is finally upon us, and it’s time to start your holiday shopping! Yes, we know you aren’t done yet. Since we love jewelry, you’ve probably already guessed one of our favorite gifts to give our loved ones during the holiday season… Jewelry! JEWELv is excited about this holiday season and we look forward to helping you purchase some fabulous gifts for family and friends. We brought together some of our favorite customized jewelry pieces in this guide to help you find the perfect gift!  


Our Favorite Earrings:

Customized earrings are the perfect gift for your mom, grandma, or significant other this year. JEWELv has some amazing earring options for the gifting season.


These Black Jack Studs could not be more perfect for the holidays. These elegant contemporary stud earrings have 18 stunning stones surround one main center gemstone. The pop of color in the center adds the perfect touch, along with the circle of sparkle to complement the main stone!






The Harbor Studs are another great option if you’re looking for some lovely earrings to gift this year. These studs are extremely simple, but oh so dazzling. These earrings are great for everyday wear, so they make the perfect gift for someone who likes to incorporate jewelry into each day of their life. They look amazing paired with so many other pieces of jewelry, but they are still incredibly breathtaking on their own. 

Charles-Studs-Blue Sapphire-White-Diamond-14k-White-Gold-Customized-Stud-Earrings-JEWELv-Gift-Guide-Blog-Image

The Charles Studs are perfect for the modern woman, because they’re a bit different than your average pair of stud earrings. These earrings give your everyday wardrobe and everyday jewelry pieces a unique flair. The spiral design of the metal surrounding the center pear cut gemstone adds a unique style to the earring that is perfect for the unique individual.



The Dancing Fountain Earrings are the ultimate holiday earrings. If you gift these to someone, you’ll surely find them wearing the earrings next holiday season and to many other glamorous events.


Our Favorite Pendants:

A customized pendant is the perfect simple gift for the classy and stylish woman. Lucky for you, JEWELv has an abundance of gorgeous pendants to gift this year.

The Cambridge Pendant
is an elegant choice for someone who loves to make a statement. The bold center gemstone is lined with accent gemstones on the side that add an extra spark of dazzle to the piece. This pendant is also great for someone who appreciates a classic look as well because it features an oval cut center gemstone that radiates style.


The Symphony Pendant is a classic for sure. You simply can’t go wrong with this whimsical  pendant. The main gemstone will surely be the focus of the piece, while the small accent gemstones sweep up the beautiful curvature of this timeless design. This pendant is perfect for those who love to be wonderfully classic and always stylish.




Our Favorite Rings:

There’s nothing more lovely than gifting a gorgeous customized ring this year to your significant other, or another loved one. JEWELv has some of the best customizable rings you can find, so show your love this year with a personalized ring designed by you.

Neponset-Ring-Amethyst-White-Sapphire-Sterling-Silver-Ring-Customized-Engagement-Ring-JEWELv-Gift-Guide-Blog-ImageThe Neponset Ring is the perfect ring to showcase your loved one’s favorite gemstone. This simple option is the perfect statement ring with it featuring a bold center round cut gemstone surrounded by two accent stones on each side. If you’re looking for a more affordable option this year, design this ring with sterling silver as the metal makes it a bit more affordable than some other gemstone rings, so you can still get a gorgeous gemstone ring without breaking the bank!

De-Young-Ring-Rhodolite-Garnet-14k-White-Gold-Customized-Gemstone-Engagement-Ring-JEWELv-Gift-Guide-Holiday-Season-2016-Blog-ImageThe De Young Ring is another wonderful option for the ring lover. This contemporary design is perfect for someone who loves to be a bit different. The modern look of this infinity style ring perfectly compliments the trillion-cut gemstone that goes in the middle. Simple and beautiful, this ring is an excellent option for holiday gifting.


The Tea Party Ring
is an intricately designed piece that would make a fabulous gift for a loved one. This design puts a youthful twist on a classic engagement ring style. This is the perfect gift for your significant other or even perhaps the perfect engagement ring for them as well. Choose your main gemstone, accent gemstones, and metal, and make the design as personal as possible!

Make this year a great year and gift your loved ones some personalized jewelry from JEWELv. We have so many different styles of jewelry that there is surely something for everyone. If you’re struggling to find a gift for someone you love, go personal rather than generic. JEWELv allows your to purchase lovely gifts always with a personal touch, that will be sure to capture the heart of your loved ones this holiday season.

Hannah Will
Hannah Will


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