The 5 Pieces Of Jewelry Every Girl Needs In Her Jewelry Box

by Hannah Will July 30, 2016


Jewelry is arguably the most important part of the outfit, because a great piece of jewelry can take a simple outfit and make it elegant. Having a few staples is absolutely essential when it comes to picking out your daily accessories. It can be difficult to get a solid collection of jewelry going when you aren’t really sure what you really need, and what pieces are going to look good with almost anything in your closet. No worries though, because we’ve compiled a detailed list of the 5 pieces of jewelry that every woman needs in her wardrobe. Here they are:

  1. A Pearl Necklace


Pearl necklaces are the definition of class. When it comes to an evening out and even a business meeting, a classy pair of pearls will always go with your outfit. They’re so simple, yet so elegant and take any fashionable outfit to the next level. Pearls are timeless, and should most certainly be a part of every girl’s jewelry collection.

Pro tip: Make sure to put on your pearls after applying your makeup and perfume, as the pearls will stay cleaner when they aren’t directly exposed to the chemicals in these products.

  1. A Pair Of Diamond Studs



Diamond studs are a true classic. While they might be expensive, they are definitely worth the investment. They will last a long time and go with almost anything. If you’re at a loss for what jewelry to put on, diamond studs are always a fabulous choice. You really can’t go wrong. Diamond studs aren’t too flashy, but they still make a statement. A wedding might might be a great place to show off your fabulous diamond studs. According to Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?

Pro tip: It’s easy to forget you’re wearing your diamond earrings. When doing housework, take extra care to ensure that you aren’t wearing your diamonds, as chemicals tend to dull out the stone.

  1. A Stylish Watch


Although everyone always has their phones on them to check the time, it’s always smart to have a good old-fashioned watch. Even if you don’t typically think to check the time, a watch is a great staple accessory. Layering your stylish watch with stacking bracelets is the perfect way to dress up your wrist and add a little something extra to your look. Even though we don’t need them as much for telling time anymore, watches will never go out of style.

  1. Sterling Silver Necklace



Sterling silver is amazing because while being incredibly gorgeous, it is also fairly affordable. It’s easy to care for and clean, making it an awesome staple piece for your jewelry collection. When choosing simple necklaces to buy, it’s always a safe bet to choose something made with sterling silver. You will not be disappointed in the quality of the pieces.

Pro tip: Because sterling silver is fairly inexpensive, you can buy sterling silver chains in bulk in case something happens to one of your necklaces. That way, you can simply move the pendant to another chain if need be.

  1. A Chunky Statement Necklace



Statement necklaces will dress up any outfit. You could literally be wearing a white tee-shirt with a statement necklace and you’ll look full on glam. Whatever the season may be, statement necklaces will never go out of style.

In conclusion:

There’s nothing better than feeling like your jewelry box is complete with all the pieces that you need to live a sparkly (and accessorized!) life. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what pieces of jewelry you’ll actually get use out of. It’s important to choose classic pieces that will never go out of style. Purchasing jewelry that might be “trendy” at the time is fun of course, but might not be the smartest move. Always keep the word “timeless” in the back of your mind whenever you’re shopping for jewelry. The pieces mentioned above will surely be a solid investment because you will always find yourself reaching for them!

Hannah Will
Hannah Will


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