Styling Your Gemstone Jewelry This Halloween

by Hannah Will October 26, 2016


Who doesn’t love Halloween? Everyone loves to dress up in fun outfits and become someone else just for the night! For a jewelry lover, this is the perfect night to show off some of your best gemstone jewelry. Ask yourself this: what jewelry are you planning to wear with your costume this year? It can be difficult to decide what kind of jewelry is appropriate for what kind of costume. The trick is to make sure your jewelry is part of the costume, adding to the details and themes you want to accentuate. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with some fabulous ideas to help you and your Halloween costume stand out with just one simple thing… Jewelry!

The Vampy Pendant


Maybe this is a cliché Halloween costume, but you have to love the classic vampire look.  Fake fangs and creepy makeup just screams “Halloween”. Nothing says “vampy” like The Grand Pendant. The bold pendant recalls the old Dracula style, full of mystery and magic in it’s powerful center gemstone. It will also stand out perfectly against black dresses or black capes. You can’t be a vampire for Halloween without a killer pendant necklace, obviously. This main stone is a red garnet, and the accent stones are black diamonds. Black diamonds… Sounds like something a vampire would wear, right?

Pieces for the Style Icons


Every year, a number of ladies flock to the ever-popular “style icon” costume. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly seem to come back to life every October. Style icon costumes can be so much fun to dress up, especially with jewelry. Hepburn’s signature pearls, or Grace Kelly’s adorable neck scarf are all signature looks so to add a little more pizzazz, we’ve chosen a few rings that will add to their iconic fashion looks. The first Royal Flush Ring has a white gold frame and white sapphires as the glistening statement stones. The Penthouse Ring is also perfect for our favorite historic style icons The beautiful statement stone is citrine, while the smaller accent stones are sparkling white diamonds. We’re also loving the rose gold frame in this gorgeous ring. Both these styles will give you the same elegant look that these icons used to flaunt.

The Gatsby Flapper


We have tons of options for the famous flapper costume, and some of the best are earrings. Every flapper is wearing dazzling jewelry pieces, so why not grab these Enterprise Dangles? This particular pair that we’ve designed specially for a flapper have a yellow gold frame and ravishing blue sapphire stones. To really perfect the flapper outfit, you need your gemstone jewelry to sparkling and dazzle alongside your frilly dresses and high heels. These earrings will add even more sass to your stunning costume!

The Greek Goddess


Greek Goddesses are so fun because there’s so many options for jewelry choices. Greek Goddesses are always decked out in jewels (especially gold ones, one of our favorites!). In order to capitalize on this costume, you want your jewelry to be bold. These Stratosphere Studs will make you the star of Halloween night. These beauties are made from yellow gold and have captivating peridot stones as the main stone. There’s even two small black diamonds to add even more excitement to these goddess-worthy earrings! Pair the Stratosphere Studs with this statement Caesar Ring and your costume will be quite the hit.

Animal of the Night


Animal costumes are always tough. While they’re one of the easiest costumes to throw together at the last minute (just buy some ears and you’re good to go!), what kind of jewelry do you wear? Obviously, if we’re being realistic, animals don’t wear jewelry. If they do, there’s a problem or their owner is just crazy. It’s okay though, because it’s totally acceptable to wear jewelry with your animal Halloween costume, just keep it simple! Lucky for you, we have lots of super simple pieces at JEWELv. While we love to make a statement, we understand that there are times when simple is best. The Cape Studs will go with literally any costume under the sun, and they’re simple yet elegant, so they’re ideal for an animal themed Halloween costume! The main stone of the pair we’ve designed is a black diamond with a yellow gold frame.

Now you can see that there’s truly so many ways to take your Halloween costume to the next level with just a few pieces of jewelry. Some costumes require jewelry as one of the main pieces of the costume (saw a Greek Goddess), while others simply enhance the already fabulous looking costume (animals, for example). Let us know what your Halloween Costume is this year in the comment section. We’d love to hear about your jewelry selections for this year’s Halloween night!

Hannah Will
Hannah Will


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