Stay On Trend with Earrings, the “IT” Jewelry of 2016

by Kasey Edgerton September 11, 2016



Earrings are back, and they’re back in a big way! Recent jewelry trends have definitely slanted towards minimal and delicate bands, pendants, and teeny little studs. These studs would adorn earlobes for weeks on end, only to be rotated out for another very similar pair of teeny studs. Where’s the fun and expression in that? Let’s take a look at some of the hottest earring trends for 2016, and the JEWELv pieces you can use to rock the look yourself.

Out are the days of earring minimalism, because this year large and bold earrings reign supreme. People are tired of boring earrings, and this was especially evident at the 2016 Oscars, where huge geometric shapes and large drop and mismatched earrings showed up on the ears of nearly every A-list celebrity from Emma Watson to Lady Gaga. This trend is no longer just for the celebrities though, we want to see you wearing this look, too!

You can make this look your own by customizing a plethora of our stylistically unique earrings. Our bold and luxurious Las Vagas Collection lends itself particularly well to this fashion trend. The longer and bolder the better when it comes to dangle earrings and our Mojave Studs create all the drama of the Red Carpet while giving a nod towards the rising popularity of ear climbing earrings.



An offshoot of the famous arm stack, where bracelets of varying sizes and styles are combined and worn all at once to create unique looks, the ear stack is the next big thing. Like the arm stack, it’s basically a grouping of different earrings on both or just one ear. This rockstar look can easily be created by pairing dazzling traditional style studs with a modern edge from both our Boston Collection and San Francisco Collection, with flashy Las Vegas Collection hoops and huggies. Mix and match colors to highlight your eccentric style or stack up your diamonds to become the bell of the ball, no matter what colors you choose, the stack is always a great style!


Don’t have multiple ear piercings? Well worry not, because you can still replicate the look of multiple earrings with JEWELv pieces featuring a mixture of different gemstones, set in geometrical clusters. The best part is that each gemstone can be swapped out with one of your choice, and even the metal can be altered as well, so the combination possibilities are truly endless. These Lombard Studs are the perfect pair for the girl who wants to stay on trend, but doesn’t want to commit to long-term piercings. The more colors the better with earrings, and more gemstones means lots of sparkle, so don’t be shy and try out some earrings that let you add all the glitz and glam you want.



If you’re not a status quo type person, you can even opt for a daring look with mismatched earring. One stud and one dangle looks particularly stunning, especially when you’re sporting a side do hairstyle, or a sleek pixie cut or bob. It sounds out of the box, but it’s a great way to mix up your style. Just check out these color coordinated combinations for some inspiration.               

green-gemstones                purple-gemstone-earrings

So let us help you take full advantage of this “year of the ear”, with our fresh and versatile style options. With all of the customization options available for each piece, one thing is for sure, you’ll be dominating the earring trend game in a way that’s all your own. Whether your personal style is chic or daring, there is certainly a way for everyone to take part in the latest earring trends, and here at JEWELv we have a perfect fit for you no matter your preference.

Kasey Edgerton
Kasey Edgerton


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