Natural Gemstones vs. Synthetics - What you need to know!

by Kasey Edgerton June 28, 2016

Browsing around the internet, or your local jewelry store you may have come across terms such as “lab created”, “synthetic”, or “natural.” If you aren’t too familiar with gemology the decision of what kind of gemstone to purchase can be overwhelming, so allow us to break things down for you!

Lab-created or synthetic gemstones are man- made. They aren’t fake, because they have the same chemical composition as gemstones found organically occurring in the Earth, or “natural” gemstones. Synthetic gemstones have been manufactured since the late 1800s, and because they are made to order they are much less rare than their counterparts. These man-made gemstones are actually “flawless” specimens, lacking in the varied and unique impurities found in natural gemstones.

However it is precisely these naturally occurring impurities that give natural gemstones their rarity, and unique beauty. While synthetic gems are lovely and can be a great affordable alternative, nothing can compare to the majesty of a natural gemstone. Natural impurities in a gemstone create unique hues, textures, appearance under lighting, and a range of subtle optical effects.

Most gemstone purchasers prefer the individuality of natural gemstones, made all the more rare due to their unique physical appearances being exceptionally happy mistakes of nature, over the uniform feel of a lab-created stone. A natural gemstone is a kind of miraculous treasure; no two are exactly the same. Besides, no human being is perfect, we all have our flaws and that’s what makes each of us precious and unique. Natural gemstones reflect this integral part of human nature, and celebrate it.

JEWELv currently offers 17  natural gemstones and 4 varieties or recycled precious metal to choose from when designing a custom piece. Combined with almost one hundred designs, the opportunities for creativity are truly endless. There are no secrets here. We want to build a lifelong relationship with our shoppers, and educating them on the quality of the gemstones and the materials we use is incredibly important to us. You will only ever get the best from us, and we will be continually laboring to make sure of that.

Kasey Edgerton
Kasey Edgerton


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