How To Make Customers More Confident In Their Online Jewelry Purchases

by Hannah Will October 03, 2016


Online shopping: who doesn’t love it? Everything you could ever want is right at your fingertips. In today’s world, online shopping is more popular than ever. With sites like Amazon that carry absolutely everything, the possibilities are endless for online purchases. There’s one place, however, that is struggling with online sales: the jewelry industry.

Now, here’s the problem. People love to try things on. When it comes to purchasing jewelry, while someone may think they know their favorite ring style, they still don’t know how the piece of jewelry is going to look on them. Will it look good with their skin tone? Does it fit with their style?

There’s one solution that could potentially solve all concerns surrounding purchasing jewelry online, and that’s virtual try-on. You might’ve seen virtual try on being used for online purchases of sunglasses and prescription glasses. Virtual jewelry try on is similar. The customer uploads a photo or utilizes live video, and chooses the piece of jewelry that they’d like to try on. The software sizes the item so it fits with their photo and allows the customer to see what the item will actually look like on them.

Virtual try on is going to significantly aid the online jewelry industry, as customers will begin to feel more confident in their purchases because they already know how their item is going to look. Customers can easily decide which color or style works best for them without even going into a store to try the item on. Additionally, customers can share these images of them trying on the jewelry with their friends and family on social media to gain feedback on their potential purchase before clicking “Add to Cart”.

People love to browse and shop directly from their own homes. Buying jewelry online has been difficult for people in the past, as trying on a piece of jewelry is the only way to really know how the piece is going to look. With virtual try on, customers are able to feel confident in the jewelry that they’re buying because they know exactly how that piece of beautiful sparkling jewelry is going to look. Completely eliminating the mystery of how it will match with their style, body, or skin tone, as they can instantly know that their chosen piece is going to look spectacular!

The desire to try on pieces in a store isn’t the only thing holding shoppers back from purchasing jewelry online. People enjoy the “intimate” experience of shopping in a store. You get to speak to an associate, who typically helps you through the whole purchasing process. This, however, could not be farther from the truth. Shopping online for jewelry can indeed be an intimate experience, and here’s why. Yes, going into a store you have the luxury of speaking with a sales associate who will assist you with your shopping, but when shopping online, the possibilities are endless. In a store, you may try on a few pieces, but online, you have the luxury of browsing through an endless number of pieces. You are not limited to the items in the store. You have the chance to take your time to create a piece of jewelry that is perfect, with no pressure to checkout quickly or buy the product suggested by the sales associate in a store.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why online jewelry hasn’t taken off yet. The reasons, however, are not valid. Hopefully, we were able to break the myths, and make you realize that shopping for jewelry online can not only be fun, but it could be an extremely rewarding experience. You might just end up with a piece that will stay with you for the rest of your life because it is just perfect for you.

Hannah Will
Hannah Will


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