Have You Been A Victim Of Shrewd Traditional Jewelers?

by Kasey Edgerton June 28, 2016

When was the last time you set foot in a traditional brick and mortar jewelry store? Did they make a sales pitch about additional features to you as you stood at the register ready to cash out? Did you buy it? Was your bill suddenly $200 more than you thought it was going to be? Did they ask you about other pieces that you have, and convince you to bring them in to get “restored”?  Well for say, a white gold ring, to be “restored” , that typically includes a $40 Rhodium dipping , about $30 to tighten all of the prongs, $10 a prong if you want them all re-tipped, $20 to polish the ring, and oh I bet they talked you into a $35 engraving while you’re at it. You know, to personalize it. Bam, just like that you’re hit for $135 for a restoration that may have never crossed your mind as necessary until it was so nicely pointed out to you.

Oh so you’re looking to purchase an engagement ring? Great! And you want blue diamonds along the sides, and a heart cut center stone? Well, then there might be exactly one option in stock for you…that’s if you’re lucky. Brick and mortar jewelry stores have limited space, that’s just an obvious fact. They can only display a limited selection, and it’s usually dominated by whatever promotions/campaigns they are currently pushing. If you’re looking for originality, just forget about it. They sell the same few engagement rings over and over until your special symbol of love blends in with half the town. Your only other option is a lengthy customization process which can take several months, cost an arm and a leg, and oftentimes become so discouraging you decide to give up on the idea altogether.

Enter the world of online jewelry! When you’re shopping online you have every product the company offers right at your fingertips. Shopping online for custom jewelry you have an almost limitless array of possibilities! You can finally create that seven birthstone mother’s ring that you’ve always wanted, or a dazzling pendant inspired by your favorite fictional character. We believe that jewelry purchases are some of the most meaningful that a person will ever make, and they deserve careful thought and consideration. With online jewelry purchasing you’re never rushed and you can modify and evaluate a piece until you are 100% in love with it.

With JEWELv you won’t run into any pushy salespeople talking you into something that you don’t want or can’t afford without maxing out a store credit card. Every choice you make is fully your own, as you are in direct control of the customization process. On the user friendly JEWELv website you can take your time sorting through a trending and stylish compilation of rings, earrings, and pendants, and then have the ability to manipulate those designs to your specific preferences. JEWELv constructs an environment where we want you to feel completely comfortable and inspired to create unique pieces of fine jewelry, that expresses a story that is solely your own.

We guarantee you a shopping experience where you can create the perfect piece of custom fine jewelry each and every time. At JEWELv our goal is not to sell you a piece of jewelry out of the case, but to help you create something unique for that special person or special occasion. We want to change the way you purchase your fine jewelry. Through our innovative technology, you can always visualize the quality and color of your pieces before they even arrive. Creating jewelry pieces that match with your personality has never been easier and more exciting!

Kasey Edgerton
Kasey Edgerton


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