Everything You Need To Know About Resizing A Ring

by Hannah Will December 06, 2016


When we need a different size in a pair of jeans or a pair of shoes, we simply try a different size. When it comes to jewelry, there’s no reason to hesitate if you need to have a piece resized. The need to resize a ring often arises from different circumstances such as weight gain/loss, or perhaps they simply just want to wear their ring on a different finger. If you need to resize your ring for any reason, there’s no need to be nervous about it. Ring resizing is extremely common and fairly easy to do. As a general rule of thumb, a ring can be modified by two sizes, meaning that the ring could either be resized up to two sizes larger than the original size or up to two sizes smaller than the original size.


Before going out and resizing a new ring, make sure you know what a correctly fitting ring fits like. A ring that is properly sized to your finger should be slightly tight, but not too tight. The ring should slide onto your finger fairly easily, but be a bit tougher to get off, and should lightly brush along your finger when you remove it. If it’s a new ring, it may take some time to get used to it. If it’s been a few days and the ring it still uncomfortable, you may want to consider consulting a jeweler and getting the ring resized.


So how does resizing work?

Making your ring smaller:

It’s actually easier to make a ring smaller than it is to make a ring larger. The process of resizing a ring to make it smaller is relatively simple. To make the ring smaller, a jeweler will typically remove a portion of the band and then join the two pieces back together again. The ring is soldered back together and then cleaned to ensure that there’s no residue left from the soldering process on the ring. After that, the ring is polished and there should be no visible evidence that the ring has even been resized. Keep in mind, resizing simple rings is much easier than resizing extremely intricate designs. In some cases, an intricately designed ring that needs to be resized would have to be completely redone if it were to be resized.


Making your ring larger:

If you need to make your ring larger, there’s typically two options for sizing up your ring. The first option is usually the best option, and this is stretching. There are limits, however, to stretching your ring. Rings can only be stretching up to half a size larger, so this option may not work if you need a significant change in ring size. Therefore, if you need to increase the size of the ring by more than half a size, you’ll need to have an extra piece of metal soldered into the ring itself. This can definitely post a problem, however, if the band of your ring happens to be intricate. It can be difficult to replicate an intricate pattern, so soldering on another piece of metal can be troublesome.


The cost:

Another concern when it comes to ring resizing is the cost. How much money do you need to spend if you have to get your ring resized? The cost of having your ring resized includes the cost the the materials needed (gold, silver, etc.) and the cost of labor. The cost really depends on the type of metal, but typically, you will spend between $50 and $100 when having your ring resized by a jeweler.


Whether you need to make your ring larger or smaller, it can usually be done if the ring design is not too intricate and the change isn’t too much. Getting your ring resized is a fairly simple and relatively inexpensive process, depending on the particular piece. You should get your ring back in great condition, and it should be free of any visible signs of the resizing. Whatever reason you have for resizing your ring, it’s always a viable option if it allows you to get more wear out of your favorite ring!

Hannah Will
Hannah Will


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