Everything You Need To Know About Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

by Kasey Edgerton September 26, 2016


These days, colored diamonds are becoming a very popular choice for engagement rings. Thanks to trend setting celebrities flaunting their own colored diamond treasures at award shows and galas, modern couples have starting looking for more exciting pieces for their partner. So, is a colored diamond the right choice for you and your fiancé? Keep reading to discover why a colored diamond engagement ring is the right choice for your significant other.

When you think of a diamond engagement ring, it’s likely your first thought is probably going to be of a traditional white diamond. White diamonds and their remarkable clarity symbolically represent purity, and pristine love. While striking in their own right, when mixed with colored diamonds they take on a whole new beauty, the various colors and light effecting play off of each other. This is why many jewelers have started including colored diamond side stones, and colored diamond halos into engagement ring settings that have historically featured only white diamonds.

Taking this a step further, however, and opting for a colored diamond as a center stone in an engagement ring, becomes about having fun, being adventurous, and expressing yourself. It becomes an extension of your unique style, and it really punctuates an outfit. With the very rapid incline in recent years towards alternative engagement rings, comes the increase in demand for colored diamond engagement rings. Now the question is, which color diamond do you choose?


There is a strong meaning and subtext to giving a diamond as a symbol of engagement:

1.) Diamonds are forever, just like your love. They resist almost all wear and breakage, and can truly withstand the test of time.

2.) Diamonds are the hardest gemstone. They represent strength and solidarity.

3.) Diamonds are rare, just like she/he is.

A colored diamond engagement ring takes on even more profound meaning, as they have all sorts of associations attached to them, just like colored gemstones. You might be searching for something that perfectly symbolizes your relationship as a couple, or your fiancé as a person, and a colored diamond engagement ring can help you do that. Some of the most popular colored diamond options are, yellow, blue, and black.


Yellow is the color of the sun and represents uplifting and illuminating joy and bliss. It is the best color to represent optimism, in life and in marriage. These are all wonderful symbolisms to go along with a newly established life together. A yellow colored diamond can serve as the perfect golden light, to illuminate your new path together. Country singers Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood both sport dazzling yellow diamond engagement rings that reflect their sunny personalities.


The color blue represents new beginnings, calmness, and peace. A blue colored diamond engagement ring can bring serenity and kindness into your life, and aren’t those qualities we all seek in a marriage? A blue colored diamond engagement ring can also serve as your something blue, in a wedding ceremony.


If you like sophistication and strength, than a black colored diamond engagement ring is definitely for you. The color black is also identified with power, and the essence of being chic. Black colored diamond engagement rings are for those who don’t hesitate to immortalize their love in a distinct and daring manner, those who are drawn to its aura of mystery and glamour. The incomparable trendsetter Carmen Electra wears an alluring black colored diamond engagement ring as the perfect complement to her edgy personal style.

The bottom line is that couples are choosing colored diamond engagement rings because they are incredibly stylish, and they open up whole new realms of self expression, while still being unrivaled “diamonds.” If you’re not sure what color to choose, think about what each color can represent or simply study your significant other's wardrobe for inspiration. If your fiancé is fashion-forward, and likes to stand out in general, chances are a colored diamond engagement ring is for them.

Kasey Edgerton
Kasey Edgerton


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