Accessorize Your Way Through Winter

by Hannah Will December 20, 2016

With new seasons comes new trends in both fashion and jewelry. There’s nothing more exciting than pulling out your cozy sweaters and boots in preparation for winter. Just because the layers are coming out doesn’t mean that the jewelry and other accessories need to be put away! You can still accessorize and make your winter outfits even more festive for the cooler months with some elegant pieces of jewelry. Stay tuned for our tips on accessorizing your winter wardrobe:

The piece of clothing: Statement coats


How to accessorize: Statement coats are a definite staple for your winter wardrobe, but it can be tough to figure out what to wear with them. A statement coat looks fabulous with a cozy blanket scarf and some simple earrings. Statement coats can make a whole look, so it’s important to choose simple yet elegant pieces that will compliment the already classic look that you’ve created by wearing a statement coat.

The piece of clothing: A turtleneck


How to accessorize: This is the question always in the back of our minds: What the heck do you wear with a turtleneck? A simple knit turtleneck or turtleneck sweater looks great with a statement necklace and matching earrings. The turtleneck is a simple yet very classic piece of clothing that will never go out of style. If you’re unsure of what to wear in the winter, you can’t go wrong by pulling out your go-to turtleneck. The only thing about turtlenecks that can be an issue is that they’re simply bland. That’s why you can dress it up with your favorite winter statement pieces. The classic look of a turtleneck looks great with a touch of sparkle from a few statement pieces.

The piece of clothing: Big sweaters


How to accessorize: Admit it, we all love our big sweaters in the wintertime. We simply can’t get enough. A big sweater paired with leggings or jeans is a definite go-to winter look. The great thing about big sweaters is that there is truly so many ways to accessorize. Whether you love scarves or statement jewelry, there’s always something that will look great with a big, cozy sweater. Cozy sweaters are also the perfect fashion pieces to show off your favorite pendants and earring sets. The simple look of a big, cozy sweater allows you to play with your accessories and find what you like best.

The piece of clothing: Leather Jacket


How to accessorize: Who doesn’t love the edgy and fierce look of a leather jacket (or even leather leggings!) in the wintertime? Every woman needs to pull out her leather jacket every once in awhile. Since leather itself is such a statement, it’s best to keep jewelry really simple. Gold jewelry looks particularly stylish when paired with leather, so a dainty gold bracelet paired with gold studs will perfectly compliment that feminine leather jacket you love so much.

The piece of clothing: Hats, scarves, gloves


How to accessorize: Technically, hats, scarves, and gloves could count as accessories, but today they will count as articles of clothing, since they’re absolute necessities in the winter time in the cold climate. Since many of us find ourselves forced to bundle up during this time of year, that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice cute jewelry at all. A cute pair of gold or silver loop earrings is always a great look with hats, or a set or bangle bracelets looks fantastic as well!

The piece of clothing: Poncho

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How to accessorize: Ponchos have come back in style this fall and they will surely carry over into winter. Ponchos look great with a plain top or turtleneck, but what jewelry should you wear with them? Ponchos would be considered statement pieces of clothing, so you want to keep the jewelry minimal to avoid distracting from your cute poncho. This would be the time to wear a nice pair of studs or a simple pair of dangling earrings. You could even rock a stylish ring to accessorize your winter look!

The piece of clothing: Boots

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How to accessorize: Boots are definitely a staple piece for the fall and winter. Every woman has her stash of boots that she can’t wait to pull out when the weather begins to get cooler. You can wear boots with so many different outfits, and so many different types of looks. It’s perfectly acceptable to dress up your winter/fall boots with some cute accessories. If your boots have any metal on them (gold or silver), be sure to match your jewelry with the metal to add a subtle yet classy touch to the look!

Hopefully these tips have showed you that it’s possible to look great, even when you have to bundle up in the winter! You don’t have to sacrifice stylish jewelry when the layers come out. There’s always a fabulous way to accessorize your winter wardrobe.

Hannah Will
Hannah Will


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