A Golden Opportunity to Pick Your Preference - Gold Jewelry

by Kasey Edgerton July 09, 2016

If you thought all gold was that namesake “gold” color, boy do I have news for you!
When shopping for your next gold purchase, you actually have three main colors to choose from, yellow, white, and rose.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold looks nice on anyone, but is particularly radiant when contrasted with olive
and darker skin tones. It looks less impressive on paler skin tones, meaning white or rose gold might be a better choice for someone with fair skin.

White Gold

White gold has a cool, modern, and sophisticated gleam. When you look at white gold
compared to rose gold and yellow gold, you’ll find that it looks nice with all skin tones, but is particularly complementary to fair and rosy skin. It is a highly popular choice in wedding jewelry, often purchased when platinum or titanium just isn’t in the budget.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a wonderful choice for people with warm skin tones as well as for those with cooler skin tones, it works for everyone! The pinkish color stands out beautifully against pale skin, however it might not look as becoming as yellow gold does against darker skin tones. If your skin tone changes seasonally, rose gold might be a great choice to accommodate you! It provides a subtle, pastel feminine touch that can be worn to accentuate any color or style of outfit. Of course, it is best with neutral and pastel color combinations.

If you’re buying a piece for a certain special someone, consider if the potential wearer is
always on trend. If the answer is yes, it’s likely that they will appreciate a ring in white gold rather than rose or yellow gold, as this is the most popular color. On the other hand, if their style leans toward classic or vintage looks, they may prefer rose or yellow gold, as the latter is the more traditional choice, especially for engagement rings and wedding bands.

So how do you decide? Rose gold might be trendy at the moment, but isn’t yellow gold
the traditional choice? This means yellow gold never goes out of style. Yellow gold is also hypoallergenic unlike the other two choices, as white gold contains nickel and rose gold contains copper. If you’re looking for a vintage style of ring, yellow gold is recommended to pull it off as authentically as possible; however a modern bride may prefer the sleek white gold tone. If you’re giving a gift to, or proposing to a fashionista, she probably won’t want yellow gold however as it is not as trendy as other options.

Really it all depends on the wearer, their skin tone, and their sense of style. Once you can pinpoint those two factors, the right choice becomes crystal clear!

Kasey Edgerton
Kasey Edgerton


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