A Gemstone Engagement Ring Expresses Your Unique Love

by Kasey Edgerton July 23, 2016


While diamonds remain as beloved as ever, there is a rapidly growing percentage of couples young and old choosing bold colored gemstones, as a way to express their unique style and individuality. Each colored gemstone has an ancient meaning, and is believed to carry a special energy that serves a purpose. These deep meanings combined with the truly beautiful colors that gemstones possess, are what’s inspiring so many to embrace the colored gemstone engagement ring trend. Many couples believe that diamonds just aren’t unique enough to accurately capture who they are, and what they want from life. Whether you’re just a tad bit adventurous and want to try a light hint of color, or you’ve always had your heart set on a shockingly vibrant ring, we have the ideal colored gemstone engagement ring for you!

Selecting a colored gemstone is a fresh and exciting take on the traditional engagement ring.  Numerous celebrities and public figures have chosen to rock spectacular gemstone engagement rings, as opposed to taking the traditional diamond engagement ring route. Duchess Kate Middleton wears the dazzling sapphire engagement ring that once adorned the finger of the late Princess Diana. Actress Halle Berry sports an emerald engagement ring, and Jessica Simpson treasures her ruby engagement ring. So capture a bit of that Hollywood glamour for your own life, and choose a gemstone engagement ring, you’ll be in great company!


Colored gemstones are available in an array of cuts such as the classic round, the modern emerald, and the trendy heart.  Step cuts are often used to fully capitalize on the rich hues of colored gemstones, whereas brilliant cuts are commonly used to play up the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond.  Mixed-cuts as their name implies, utilize a mixture of brilliant and step cut facets to enhance the brilliance of a colored gemstone while also emphasizing its color.

Another bonus of going with a colored gemstone is that they tend to be less expensive than their diamond counterparts, so you can afford a larger stone. This does not imply that colored gemstones are an inferior alternative to diamonds however.  Good quality rubies are often rarer and therefore more coveted than diamonds of the same size. This holds true for a variety of colored gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, and tanzanites.


Sapphire engagement rings, particularly blue sapphire engagement rings are the most popular engagement alternative. They are second in durability to diamond, and when given as a gift they symbolize loyalty and devotion. Their coloring can range from a light cornflower-blue, to a dark blue that appears almost black.


If you’re seeking all of the hardness, durability, and rarity of a sapphire but blue isn’t really your color, than ruby is the perfect colored gemstone for you. The intense red color of a ruby is often associated with love and the heart, and ruby engagement rings were a favorite during the Victorian age.

emerald engagement ring

How about purchasing a colored gemstone so beloved since antiquity that a specific cut was named after it? Emeralds were mined as early as 1300BCE as they were believed to symbolize fertility and life. The emerald cut was developed to fit the shape of emerald’s prismatic crystals and to emphasize its unique and gorgeous color.


You may not have heard of it yet, but tanzanite engagement rings are quickly taking the world by storm. Tanzanite can range from a dark purple, to a lilac blue. It is a colored gemstone commonly regarded as 1,000 times rarer than diamond, as it is almost exclusively found in Tanzania in limited supplies. A tanzanite engagement ring is a perfect investment, or a family heirloom piece as its rarity and value will only grow.


JEWELv offers many customizable gemstone engagement rings that would be perfect for commemorating your unique love story. We currently offer 17 natural gemstones, and numerous beautiful settings for both traditional and modern engagement rings. Let one of our Aquamarines be the perfect complement to your bride-to-be’s sparkling blue eyes, lavish her with her very own birthstone, or perhaps select one of our majestic blue sapphires as a token of your undying faithfulness. Affordability and celebrity glamour aside, a colored gemstone engagement ring can add precious extra meaning and symbolism to an already incredibly sentimental piece, making it truly one of a kind.

Kasey Edgerton
Kasey Edgerton


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