5 Reasons to Buy Jewelry Online

by Hannah Will January 03, 2017 1 Comment



It’s no secret that we’re big fans of online shopping. We are most interested, however, in shopping for jewelry online! There’s a lot of hesitancy when it comes to buying jewelry online. What if I don’t like it? What if it looks different in person? These are concerns for buying ANYTHING online, so don’t let them stop you! There are so many amazing reasons that you should be purchasing jewelry online, so here are a few of the many reasons buying jewelry online is the way to go:


  1. The Endless Options

Have you ever entered a jewelry store and found that they just don’t have what you want? It’s happened to all of us and it’s the worst. Shopping in a store can be fun and all, but shopping for jewelry online is much more practical because you have all the options right at your fingertips. You can easily browse site to site (or throughout the same site) and quickly find absolutely anything that you’re in search of. You won’t miss out on any awesome pieces, because they are all right in front of you. No more asking the sales associate if they have more stock in the back, and no more searching through aisles and aisles of items you don’t want!


  1. Customization Options

Typically, if you go into a jewelry store, you get what’s in front of you. If you purchase jewelry online, you have the opportunity to visit sites that allow customization (hey, like JEWELv!) and you can create pieces that are specifically designed for you or whoever you are shopping for. Goodbye to the days of settling for jewelry that just isn’t you and hello to creating jewelry that is exactly what you want! Don’t like the gemstone? No problem swap it out for your birthstone or favorite colored gem. Aren’t interested in 14kt Yellow Gold? No worries, customizable jewelry allows you to choose between any gold color you’d prefer. Personalized gifts are also so much more personal, and they truly show the receiver how well you know them.


  1. No Pushy Salespeople

Walking into a store can occasionally be an overwhelming experience. While we are extremely thankful for all the helpful sales associates out there, it can often be difficult when we encounter a pushy one. Some salespeople can easily push you into buying things that you don’t actually want or need. When you shop for jewelry online, you’ll shop in a stress free environment and you can take your sweet time deciding what you would like to purchase. And don’t worry, if you need help while shopping online, Live Chat operators are readily available to receive your questions and concerns.


  1. Compare Multiple Store’s Deal/Merchandise At Once

Occasionally, you’ll buy an item at a store, but then you’ll later see an item that you like better in a different store. Unfortunately, you then have to return to the first store to return the first item. Maybe you’ll even go as far as settling with the first item simply because returning would be a hassle. If you instead choose to purchase your jewelry online, you have the opportunity to browse through multiple websites and compares their prices and merchandise quickly and efficiently. You can view various different jewelry styles from different stores at the same time so you can compare similarities and difference in quality and price. This is certainly not a luxury you would have shopping in a store.


  1. You Can Shop From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

As we mentioned before, shopping in a store can sometimes be a stressful experience. With online shopping, you have the opportunity to shop from your couch, or even your bed! There’s absolutely no stress whatsoever involved in the experience. You don’t have to go through the hassle of driving to the store, finding a parking space, and waiting in that endless checkout line. Each of these things can easily be avoided by shopping online!


There are truly so many benefits to buying jewelry online. While going into a store can be fun from time to time, there are so many more options online. You can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you want and getting the best price for what you want. Online shopping has become extremely popular in today’s world, and for good reason. It’s stress-free, and can be done from absolutely anywhere! On-the-go, from your bedroom, or in front of the television! Have confidence that purchasing jewelry online is the very best option for you!


Get started shopping for customizable jewelry online with JEWELv! Feel free to chat with us using our live chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Hannah Will
Hannah Will


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