16 Flag Inspired Jewelry Designs for the 2016 Summer Games

by Sam Sternweiler August 11, 2016

There's very few times where we feel as much national pride as we do during the summer games. Thousands of athletes from hundreds of nations compete to be the best, the strongest, and the fastest in the world, in order to bring home the gold. Well, we have some gold of our own and you don't need to be world champion athlete to get your hands on these customized jewelry designs. We took 16 pieces from JEWELv and customized them with sparkling natural colored gemstones and precious metals designed to represent 16 nations competing at this year's summer games in Rio. Go ahead, find your favorite!



Caldecott Ring

Blue Sapphire / Ruby / 14kt White Gold

Australian-inspired-customized-jewelry-caldecott-ring-blue-sapphire-ruby-14kt-white-goldAustralia is a powerhouse of dominant athletes and has competed in every single summer games since 1896! The Australians excel in swimming, as it’s their most decorated sport, having obtained 178 medals! Now that’s a lot of bling! The koala’s there may be cute, but don’t be fooled, the Australians are some fierce summer competitors!


The Design: Stunning blue sapphires were the only way to go to represent the deep blue color of the Aussie flag, complete with red rubies lining the interior, and plenty of 14kt white gold for the sparkle of the Australian stars.



San Ramon Studs

Blue Sapphire / Peridot / 14kt Yellow Gold

Brazil-inspired-customized-jewelry-San-Ramon-Studs-Blue-Sapphire-Peridot-14kt-Yellow-Gold-EarringsHow can you speak about the 2016 games hosted in Rio de Janeiro without mentioning Brazil? You simply can’t! Brazil has always been a strong contender, racking up 108 medals since they entered the summer games in 1920. This year's competitions are the first games hosted in a South American country, ever! Fala sério! No really, it’s true! So grab a cold Caipirinha, sit back, and enjoy some stunning beach volleyball!


The Design: A sparkling Blue Sapphire takes center stage to represent the blue sphere in Brazil’s national flag. Flanked by dozens of peridots to provide that strong lime green color, while sitting atop a 14kt yellow gold base. These geometric earrings are perfect to represent the prominent sphere and rhombus of the Brazilian flag.



Crane Beach Studs

Ruby / 14kt White Gold

Canadian-inspired-customized-jewelry-crane-beach-studs-ruby-14kt-white-gold-earringsO Canada! Is there anything Canada can’t do? In the spirit of athletic competitions the answer is no. Canada has won a medal at every single games (both winter & summer) it’s competed in since 1900! Pretty good, eh? These Canucks will give you a run for your money on the track as they’ve racked up 54 total medals with Athletics alone. Watch out Rio, Canada’s about to take home the bacon (the Canadian kind).


The Design: Inspired from the colors of the rich red colors of the Canadian flag, these rubies encased in 14kt white gold portray the perfect simple color scheme to display true beauty. The designs wavy metallic structure is modeled after the abundant mountain trails hidden away in Canada's immaculate landscapes.


People’s Republic of China

The Wilbur Pendant

Ruby / 14kt Yellow Gold

China-inspired-customized-jewelry-wilbur-pendant-ruby-14kt-yellow-goldWith the largest population in the world, China has a pretty big advantage when it comes to picking their prestigious athletes, and it has paid off in a big way. Despite not competing in the summer games until 1984, China has already raked in 473 medals so far, and is expected to exceed 500 by the end of Rio’s games. China’s first gold medal was in swimming and today’s big names such as Sun Yang and Ning Zetao have swam into people’s hearts. Looking forward to seeing if the Chinese can find gold at the bottom of Rio’s pools.


The Design: Focused on the Chinese flag, this design incorporates color and context. With rubies and 14kt yellow gold this pendant resembles China's strong red and yellow coloration. Additionally, the center ruby represents the largest star visible on the Chinese flag, while the four rows of accent rubies surrounding the center stone represent the remaining four smaller stars on the flag.



Durango Studs

Ruby / Black Diamond 14kt Yellow Gold

Germany-inspired-customized-jewelry-durango-studs-ruby-black-diamond-14kt-yellow-gold-earringsEven with Germany’s choppy participation in the games around the world wars and cold war, Germany still has an astonishing 1681 medals! Alright, Germany that’s pretty impressive. They lead the medal count of all nations in Equestrian competitions. But don’t Germans love soccer (football)? They do, but they’ve only racked up 3 bronze medals in soccer at the games. Not the brat-worst, but I think they can do better.


The Design: These earrings represent the core colors of the German flag, with dazzling red rubies at the center, a halo of black diamonds on the exterior, and 14kt yellow gold throughout the studs.


Great Britain

The Boulevard Studs

Ruby / Blue Sapphire / 14kt White Gold

Great-britain-inspired-customized-jewelry-boulevard-dangles-ruby-blue-sapphire-14kt-white-gold-earringsThe British are coming, and they're coming in 1st. Great Britain is one of only three countries to have competed at every single winter and summer games throughout history! Long live the Queen! Great Britain doesn’t just go for a gold, they get it, having won a gold medal at every summer games! There’s no tea time during these summer games for Great Britain, as they just don’t stop!


The Design: Representing the Union Jack was easy by using rubies as the main stone and accenting it with royal blue sapphires. The 14kt white gold mounting really sets this piece apart as it incorporates the criss-cross design of Great Britain's flag.



Caesar Ring

Blue Sapphire / White Diamond / 14kt Yellow Gold

Greece-inspired-customized-jewelry-caesar-ring-blue-sapphire-14kt-white-goldGreece; the ones that started it all! Lots have happened for Greece since they created the games back in 1896. To honor the birthplace of the games, Greece is always the nation to enter first in the parade of nations at the opening ceremonies. Greece has hosted the summer games twice and has earned 111 medals! Athletes and spectators have a lot to thank Greece for! Thanks for doing your thing Greece, here, have a medal!


The Design: The Caesar Ring prominently features Corinthian style columns inspired by the Parthenon of Greece. The Greek flag design on its face is composed of 77 precious blue sapphires backed by 14kt white gold.



Quincy Stud Earrings

Peridot / Yellow Sapphire / Blue Sapphire / 14kt White Gold

India-inspired-customized-jewelry-quincy-studs-peridot-yellow-sapphire-blue-sapphire-14kt-white-gold-earringsYou’d think with a population of over 1 billion people, India would probably have some of the best athletes in the world. The medal count says otherwise. India used to be a dominant force at the summer games winning 11 medals in the span of 12 games in field hockey before 1980. Unfortunately since 1980, India has only taken home 1 gold medal. Hopefully with India’s largest team ever (124 members) at the Rio games, India can make a breakaway towards the gold.


The Design: Yellow sapphire represents India's deep saffron color paired with peridot to create India green, a color which represents prosperity. The wheel and spokes in the middle are shown as a halo of blue sapphires, and holding it all together is 14kt white gold to create the binding element of these beautiful colors.


The Fillmore Ring

Emerald / Ruby / 14kt White Gold

Italy-inspired-customized-jewelry-fillmore-ring-emerald-ruby-14kt-white-goldInvite your cousin Vinny and your uncle Lou over to watch the summer games, because Italy’s athletes are fantastico! With the 5th most all-time gold medals of any competing nation, there's bound to be reason to shout with glee (although chances are if you’re Italian, your family is already shouting anyway). So put down the Lasagna and break out the Prosecco, you’ll be celebrating Italian wins all throughout August.


The Design: Colorized based on Italy’s flag, a deep green emerald holds the attention on the left while dazzling rubies give off their red flair on the right. The white space in the middle of the ring represents the gap between the green and red, as everything is held in place with beautiful 14kt white gold.


Paradise Studs

Emerald / Black Diamond / 14kt Yellow Gold

Jamaican-inspired-customized-jewelry-paradise-studs-emerald-black-diamonds-14kt-yellow-gold-earringsAlthough there hasn’t been a 1990’s hit movie about any of the summer Jamaican athletes (if you don’t understand the reference see Cool Runnings), there’s still lots of positives surrounding Jamaica’s participation. The Caribbean nation shines brighter than gold at the track and field events, where it has earned 67 of the country’s total 68 medals. So watch out Rio, jerk chicken isn’t the only hot thing coming from Jamaica this year.


The Design: These small stud earrings are a representation of the Jamaican flag and the country behind it. The emeralds, black diamonds, and 14kt yellow gold emulate the colors and the pattern seen on the Jamaican flag. Additionally, the design of the studs represents bold powerful colors the come from a small stud, just as powerful track athletes come from the small island country.



The Commons Ring

Ruby / 14kt White Gold

Japan-inspired-customized-jewelry-commons-ring-ruby-14kt-white-goldWhen you think of Japan and the summer competitions you probably think of Judo (since they were the country to create it)! The Japanese are the leading team in all-time Judo medals totaling 72 prestigious placings upon the winner’s stand. Nice moves Japan! Pass around the saké and we’ll celebrate!


The Design: A prominent round cut ruby stands out as the lone center stone in this simplistic piece. The Japanese flag contains a large red disk in the center surrounded by white space quite similar to the 14kt white gold used in the jewelry here.



Lombard Studs

Emerald / Ruby / White Diamond / 14kt White Gold

Mexico-inspired-customized-jewelry-lombard-studs-emerald-ruby-white-diamond-14kt-white-gold-earringsViva México! Athletes from Mexico have been traveling to the summer games every time since 1924 and have had some various levels of success. When Mexico City hosted the summer games in 1968, Mexico won a nation-high 9 medals! Holy guacamole! With such spirited athletes, a double digit medal count is sure to be in Mexico’s near future.


The Design: Incorporated into this design is the emerald green, ruby red, and pure diamond white of the Mexican national flag. Additionally, we picked a cluster design to show the unity between these color bands.



Copley Pendant

Red Garnet / Blue Sapphire / White Diamond14kt White Gold

Russia-inspired-customized-jewelry-copley-pendant-red-garnet-blue-sapphire-white-diamond-14kt-white-goldSecond only to the United States in recent (since 1994) medal count, Russia is a force to be reckoned this year in Rio. Russian athletes have consistently impressed the world by winning upwards of 70 medals in each summer games since 2000. Maybe even more impressive is that Russia is the leader in Synchronized Swimming having earned 8 medals, all of them being gold. That’s some serious shine, sure to make Putin proud.


The Design: Coming from the Russian flag, this Copley Pendant is fashioned with bold red garnet for the bottom, then a cluster of blue sapphires atop the red rock, and finished with a trail of white diamonds. 14kt white gold holds together this fine specimen, keeping all the colorful layers in place.


South Africa

The Revere Pendant

Blue Sapphire / Red Garnet / Peridot / 14kt White Gold

South-Africa-inspired-customized-jewelry-revere-pendant-blue-sapphire-red-garnet-peridot-14kt-white-goldEver since their first games in 1908 South Africa has been a fan favorite at the summer contests. They excel in athletics, boxing, and swimming, where they have a combined 58 earned medals! This year in Rio, South Africa has been brought to mainstream attention for their swimmer Chad le Clos and his face-off with legendary United States swimmer Michael Phelps. One day we hope to see South Africa become the first African country to host the games!


The Design: South Africa’s flag features 6 distinct colors as the entire piece is a symbol of the nation's “Unity of diversity”. The Revere Pendant features the bold blue sapphire to emulate the bottom of the flag (the Africans), the red garnet to represent the top (the white dutch), the green peridot as the ties between the two groups, and the 14kt white gold to guide and strengthen that unity.



Roulette Pendant

Blue Topaz / Yellow Sapphire / 14kt Yellow Gold

Ukraine-inspired-customized-jewelry-roulette-pendant-blue-topaz-yellow-sapphire-14kt-yellow-goldOne of the more recent European countries to arrive at the games has been Ukraine, only competing in the summer since 1996. Already Ukrainian athletes have put a stronghold on the games by collecting 115 medals in the last 20 years! With gymnastics being their strongest sport, the Ukrainians are ready to leap, bound, and double back flip their way into your hearts!


The Design: Simple, subtle, and yet amazingly stunning, the blue topaz solitaire gemstone represents the blue skies and the 14kt yellow gold portrays the golden fields of wheat of this blue and yellow flag.


United States of America

The Constitution Pendant

Blue Sapphire / Ruby / 14kt White Gold

United-states-inspired-customized-jewelry-constitution-pendant-blue-sapphire-ruby-14kt-white-goldMost of the world thinks Americans are fat and lazy, but have you seen our medal count recently? The United States has won a total of 2,404 medals just at the summer games alone! God bless America! Also, America is homeland to the most decorated athlete in the games, Mr. Michael Phelps, owning an astounding 25 medals! So there’s really no need to make America great again, cause we always have been, and we’re still winning… like a lot.


The Design: Red rubies stream up and down this accented piece like stripes of the American flag, while a dazzling blue sapphire is entrapped within the waves of 14kt white gold. The piece named The Constitution, stands for America’s great sense of freedom and independence.

*We might be biased towards America because we are an American brand with products made in the USA, but the numbers don’t lie, the Americans are champions.*

Sam Sternweiler
Sam Sternweiler


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