10 Ways To Creatively Organize Your Jewelry

by Ali Cosimini November 22, 2016


You have tons of jewelry… but where does it all go? How do you find room for all those baubles and trinkets? Don’t worry, it’s quite easy to creatively organize your jewelry. It doesn’t take up much space to effectively store your jewelry, and even display the pieces you don’t wear as often! Not only can creative jewelry organization be a great addition to your home decor, but it also keeps your beautiful jewels safe. You want to make sure that your jewelry isn’t shoved into a box where it can tarnish, get tangled, or even break. The best way to store your jewelry is where it can be seen by all! The following tips will help you to easily and effectively organize all your favorite jewelry pieces.


1. Bulletin board storage

Yes, bear with us for just a second. Storing your jewelry on a bulletin board can be a great way to display cute necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings. Bulletin boards are a fairly typical household item, but if you don’t have one in your house, they’re easy to find in stores. Simply grab some tacks and carefully hang your necklaces on the bulletin board. Usually, it’s a good idea to use at least two tacks to hang up a necklace, just to ensure that the chain doesn’t break or have too much pressure in one area.

2. Re-using kitchen utensil organizers

Remember those old utensil organizers that you aren’t sure what to do with? These organizers can easily be used to store your jewelry in! If you have a few drawers free, you can actually store all your jewelry in these drawers by using these utensil organizers. You can even organize your jewelry by color and type in these drawers if you’d like. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your jewelry out for all to see, this can be a great option for you. Though others may not get to enjoy the beauty of your jewelry, every time you open that drawer, you’ll see all your gorgeous jewelry, all pretty and organized. Who doesn’t love that?

3. Purchase a wall organizer

If you love the idea of having your jewelry out on display but you aren’t into the bulletin board idea, you can actually purchase your very own jewelry wall organizer. These organizers typically are equipped with hooks for necklaces and bracelets, and places to store your earrings. You can even close the clear front of the organizer to protect your jewels, yet you’ll still be able to enjoy their beauty.

4. Ice cube trays

Apparently, household kitchen items are great options for jewelry storage. To store your earrings in the drawers along with your utensil organizers, simply use an ice cube tray to keep all your earrings separate and organized. You’ll be able to easily see all of your earrings and they won’t get mixed together and become hard to find. Most women have A LOT of earrings, and many of their pairs don’t get much wear, simply because they’re buried away in a jewelry box and can’t be seen. The ice cube trays will allow you to see absolutely everything you have so you can wear it all!

5. Hanging jewelry organizers

Not feeling the DIY jewelry storage? Another jewelry organization item that you can purchase yourself is hanging jewelry organizers. Hanging cloth jewelry organizers typically have clear pockets that you can slip bracelets and earrings into. If you have any necklaces that don’t tangle easily, you could also use this hanging organizer for them. Not only can you store jewelry in these organizers, but you can also store other accessories such as scarves, headbands, etc.

6. A jewelry tray

Jewelry trays are fantastic ways to display your everyday pieces. We all have those pieces of jewelry that we either wear every single day, or just keep coming back to. A jewelry tray can be a great way to keep the pieces that you wear often/daily in reach all the time. It’s easy to just slip your jewelry off at night before bed and slip it on as you’re headed out the door in the morning, since it’s all right there!

7. Jewelry boxes for precious jewelry/gemstone jewelry

Jewelry boxes are not off limits for storing your jewelry! Do you have a few very valuable pieces that you want to protect? Of course you should keep those in a jewelry box! You just have to be a bit more careful to make sure things don’t get tangled, broken, or lost.

8. Teacups

Yes, your favorite mugs are good for more than just your morning coffee and your afternoon tea. Store earrings or bracelets in a few cute teacups and display them. If you’re interested in displaying your jewelry, it’s always nice to have it displayed in a cute way that adds to your home decor. If you don’t have any teacups that you want to give up for jewelry storage, you can easily use a few small bowls instead.

9. Wall hooks

Another great way to store necklaces is on wall hooks. You can buy separate hooks and scatter them around on the wall, or buy hooks that are already attached to one another, and display your necklaces in a row. Maybe you’d also like to organize them by color? That’s the beautiful thing about creative jewelry organization, you can do whatever you would like!

10. Picture frames

Seems weird, right? You can actually store your jewelry easily in picture frames, especially earrings. Simply frame a piece of burlap or cloth and hang your favorite earrings on it. This will keep your earrings organized and together all the time. With this method, you can forget about losing one earring and not having a complete set anymore.

Now you can easily organize and store all your favorite jewelry, and maybe even put it on display! Follow these 10 tips to find the perfect way to organize your jewels. Not only will organizing your jewelry help you to keep your home clean, but it will also help you to keep all of your pieces in view so you can wear them as much as possible!




Ali Cosimini
Ali Cosimini


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